Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Pagan "Community" and Witch Wars

I remember having conversations with F & W over the years, on how sad and frustrating it is that the pagan community seems to have no interest in achieving any sort of unity or common ground. People just love their witch wars too much, it seems.

Well, now that I am embroiled in one, it drives the point home even further. I am sure it will not get too teribly public, since it is only some dumb slob's blog we are talking about, but he has drawn a lot of attention to himself by engaging in some witch-hunt-like tactics trying to destroy the reputations of two community elders.

I have always wondered at the efforts of pagans to draw attention to themselves via the internet... I mean, it is one thing when someone actually has somethig beneficial to offer: good writing, or art, or humor, or teachings of some kind. But when one is offering negativity and arrogance and personal attacks, why do they think people want to listen to that?

I guess I am no better, in my attempts to defend victims of such attacks, I engage in the same tactics to denigrate the attacker. But this does seem justified to me, especialy when the victims cannot speak for themselves in the same forum in which they are attacked.


Mom-E said...

So, leaving Mr. Drew's rantings aside, what are *your* thoughts regarding what was written by the Frosts regarding sexual initiation of minors (prior to the forward) and the questionable sincerity of the forward without any changes to the text itself? Do you feel that the forward reflects their opinion from the outset, that they meant adults (was use of the word 'child' throughout just a typo?) or do you feel that it was simply a legal necessity and they stand by the writing using terms such as 'child'?

Let's leave Mr. Drew out of the discussion and focus on the issue- do you feel that what was written is appropriate? I do think that the material deserves to be looked at critically and discussed as a community. If one wants 'unity' of a community, one needs to address points of concern- and this is one of them.

Your thoughts?

Peg said...

I have no interest in posting my "thoughts" on the Frosts' writings here, beyond what I have already said elsewhere. I am sure you can find those comments if you look.

I have not mentioned Mr. Drew by name, you have.

I don't care what you think needs to be addressed, nor do I desire a conversation with you about it. You may address those issues to your heart's content in many other locations on the internet. Good luck.

Peg said...

Sadly, I have had to enable comment moderation on my blog, because people are coming in and saying a whole lot of nasty stuff.

So I am deleting them. What is good for the goose is good for the gander!

But if you have something to say that does not involve stupid accusations, lies or general obnoxious trolling, you will have your say.

Cat Chapin-Bishop said...

Don't be too downhearted about the background noise, Peg... there's plenty of background "silence" too, from people like me who have been observing the whole ruckus from the sidelines, and shaking our heads. Lots of us who are actually working at building that common ground, rather than ripping it up for a little cheap notoriety and a frisson of self-righteousness.

As for the current contretemps, well, it really could be any of a thousand like it. But this, too, shall pass--though not, I think, the actual accomplishments in Pagan community that take root outside the storm of each successive witch war.

Nor, I hope, your lovely blog, which I just discovered tonight, via a link from MetaPagan left by Yvonne. (I'm only leaving my comment here because this is the spot where I realized that, yes, it is that Peg... I've admired your writing for ages and ages.)

Blessed be, friend. Know that, though your support is quiet, it is consistent and warm.

Peg said...

Thanks so much for your kind words, Cat. I think we know one another in person, I know I used to see Peter at various pagan events in western Mass. when I lived there oh-so-long ago!

It is the Scorpio in me that fights against injustice and does so with as sharp a tongue as my foes...some call it being on the Warrior Path, and I hope it is a noble calling as it is a difficult one.

Best to you and yours, and see you on the blogosphere...