Sunday, August 19, 2007


This is the time of year when I drool over gardening catalogs and try to decide what bulbs I want to plant to come up next spring. Above are tulips I photographed at TulipFest in Albany this past spring. I love tulips and want to plant plenty of them this year. I have gotten a couple of catalogs with "wholesale prices" that offer large amounts of tulips for a good price (50 bulbs for $20) so I am going to get some Cum Laude tulips and maybe some Angelique ones. I will also get some Siberian Squill, and maybe some Kronos hyacinths.

I will also maybe order some things from Gilbert H. Wild, which has great late season specials on daylilies and peonies. UPDATE: I did get some things. Some daylilies (including some red and yellow ones to plant at Brushwood), 3 peonies (3 for $12 special, they send random varieties, hee hee I love surprises), a copper-colored iris, and 3 Asiatic lily bulbs.

Still hoping to create a gardening blog with my pal in Florida, and maybe an additional fiend she says is also interested! But for now, my gardening news will be here or on my Livejournal blog.

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