Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy and travelling!

I returned from New Orleans last week and feel like it's been hard getting caught up on everything. I have posted some photos on Facebook, but here is one, taken at Marie Laveau's tomb.

We had a wonderful time seeing the city, and made some good contacts with publishers and other academics at the Popular Culture conference. But the event was so big we didn't feel badly about missing much of it; besides with such good weather, who wouldn't be tempted outdoors? We ate lots of good food, visited the Voodoo Temple and chatted with Priestess Miriam, visited the Garden District and basically had a wonderful time. Then came back to cold windy weather in Boston!

Spring has finally arrived in the Northeast, however. I've been working in the garden, trying to get caught up on everything. Just finished a book editing project and now on to other writing activities. I hope to keep this blog up a bit better now that I'm around again.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Excalibur or Mists of Avalon fans?

Hello, friends. I've been very busy and not posting to this blog very often.

I am off to New Orleans this week to present a paper at the Popular Culture Association annual conference. My talk is on the influence the film Excalibur and the novel The Mists of Avalon have had on the contemporary pagan community. I'd absolutely love to hear any anecdotes from any of you who care to weigh in. This research will go beyond this paper and be applied towards two books I am working on.

I am particularly interested in any references to these works in rituals or other magical events, or the way they may have inspired your own or others' personal beliefs or practices. Cheesy as well as profound anecdotes welcome!

Post here or email me at I appreciate any responses.