Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dreams, and Fish

Wow did I have some weird dreams last night. Probably because I watched this movie. But my dreams were nothing like the film, not darak or scary or paranoid, just full of people from my life past and present and all sorts of activity...some sort of trip to a conference or event seemed to be the central event. We (a group of friends and I) stayed variously at a hotel, my house, and my grandmother's house. We also ended up in a very chic, beautiful city where we walked around and visited a farmer's market and other places. Lots of food and coking and eating out in this dream (maybe because I skipped dinner in favor of carby snacks? I definitely woke up feeling some low blood sugar this morning) All in all a fairly pleasant dream. One person that showed up was an old high school friend, Jim R., who wanted to date me in junior high. Of course he looked exactly the same as he did twenty five years ago, as people do in dreams.

In other news, NOAA, my favorite weather website, has created a new site to help people find safe seafood. The site lists many popular types of fish and seafood and gives the latest information on mercury levels and other contaminants, as well as overfishing and supply levels. I love fish but rarely eat it because of fear of heavy metal contamination, so maybe this will change that.

Another gorgeous day today, perfect for some gardening. T. was too tired last night for meteor gazing, so we skipped it. Oh well, maybe next year! Hope we have a new moon for it again.

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