Saturday, August 11, 2007

Green Egg on line

Green Egg magazine is back, but in online format only. Which is good news, and I am happy it's back. I went to a workshop/talk Oberon had at Starwood briefly (I had to get to something else going on at the same time), and the webmasters of the new zine talked about the site.

I looked at it for a bit, as they have provided a free sneak peek on the website as they try to get people excited to pay for a $13 subscription (for an online zine?)

The article topics look pretty good, but the online layout leaves a lot to be desired. The articles simply are not very readable. They are single spaced in bold font, and for some inexplicable reason, the text is all centered! This makes it very hard to read.

I wish Green Egg all the best but before I am willing to pay money to subscribe to an e-zine, it needs to be in a format that is easy on the eyes and readable.


Chas S. Clifton said...

You are right about the web site, but the magazine comes as a PDF in more conventional format if you subscribe.

Peg said...

Ah, that is good to know! I may be more willing to check it out, then. I find reading centered text difficult (when my students do this is in script-writing assignments they seem not to realize that it causes eye strain).

thanks for the tip.

Ariel said...

Hi Peg: I am the Managing Editor and Publisher of Green Egg, Ariel Monserrat. Thank you for mentioning Green Egg, it's nice to hear from someone who was at the workshop. I appreciate the feedback, it's helpful to us to know what people don't like about Green Egg.
I would like to say, that the free sample issue posted online was our first attempt at Green Egg. We had a different web designer/layout person then, who didn't work out and resigned after the first issue. We now have zines that are much easier to read.
About charging $13 for an online e-zine: There are many magazines of all sorts that you have to pay to subscribe to. $13 covers the costs of paying our employees and soon, our contributors. Do you really expect people to work for free? Especially since it requires putting in some long hours. We work hard on our magazine, all of us that contribute to it. It's not something that is done in 2 hours. Every issue is carefully vetted and crafted, to bring the very best that we can to our zine. We've only been back for a year and we still have some refining to do but at this point, we're very successful and I think we are producing a wonderful magazine.
If anyone would like a free sample, please send me your email and we'll be happy to send a free issue to you.

Write to us at:

If we didn't charge and did it for free, we would be in the hole, paying for things out of our own pockets, which we can't afford. Also, soon, we will be publishing it as an e-book so you can have an actual magazine.
Hope this helps.

Thank you,
Ariel Monserrat
Publisher and Managing Editor
Green Egg zine

Ariel said...

After the first issue, we changed our printing format. It now reads in columns, like a regular magazine and the print is much easier to read.
Ariel Monserrat