Saturday, August 18, 2007

I took a trip down to look at the faire...

We're planning to go to the Altamont Fair later today. I have not been to this fair before, although I have attended Old Songs at this fairgrounds a few times. I like fairs, I hope this is a good one. There are a few exhibitions and events, like pig racing, sheep-shearing, a lumberjack event, demolition derby etc. I miss going to the Tunbridge Fair in Vermont which is a real wolrd's fair in the old style, lots of agricultural and animal exhibits, plus plenty of great food, etc. and a maple sugar house where you can buy, then eat, all sorts of treats made from maple syrup.

I love fairs! I am looking forward to going. I have not been to a renaissance faire in a long time, either, mainly because King Richard's was the only one close by and is simply no longer worth going to: too expensive, no longer authentic or fun, crappy vendors (except for a a few die-hard quality ones like Moresca, the others can't afford it anymore).

But I might go to the Maryland Ren Faire to see the Medieval Baebes in October!

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