Monday, August 6, 2007

Back from the Woods...musing on pagan blogs

I have returned from three weeks at Brushwood and had a wonderful and relaxing time there. Still not sure this blogger format is for me (maybe I can upgrade to one I can post photos to and such?) but I will keep trying. I am trying tio figure out the mechanics of it all but I am kinda blog-challenged, I admit.

I need to decide how I want to approach this blog thing. There are so many wonderful pagan blogs out there (like The Wild Hunt, or Letter from Hardscrabble Creek, or Wren's Nest, all listed at right) and I do not want to duplicate what is already there. I also do not necessarily have time to post on alot of current events, and again, others are doing a better job than me already!

I think maybe using it to work on current writing projects and provide updates on them is the best way to proceed now, in addition to posting random thoughts, rants and dreams...and maybe a recipe or two, and an occasional poem.

More very soon!

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