Friday, October 5, 2007

to Brushwood

We're heading to Elmira for the night, to stay with my Mom for a long-overdue visit and help care for her. We will go to Brushwood on Saturday for a wedding and to spend the night, then will head back to Elmira to stay Sunday night and most of Monday. It will be really warm and nice, "Indian Summer" weather this weekend.

Hoping to get some more photos for the calendar project I am doing, all photos taken with a 1964 Pentax Spotmatic and 50mm lens! This photo is of an old apple tree near the entrance to the lower campgrounds.

I will also bring some flower bulbs in case I get a bit of time to do some planting there. We're planning to get the little grove site we've been working on in shape for our own wedding next summer and having some flowers planted are a good start tp transforming it. To bloom in July, I will plant some Asiatic liles and dayliles, some Chinese forget-me-nots and maybe some annuals like impatiens for color.

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