Monday, October 22, 2007

change of scene

I'd love to go to England right now (Avebury would be nice). But it ain't gonna happen.

I have been itching to have some sort of change of scenery for a while now. It's nice to go back and forth from eastern NY to Boston every week, especially in autumn, but I have not been anywhere else but Brushwood or Elmira for the last few months.

I feel lucky, therefore, to be going to New York City this week for several days. I will spend time with a friend who's involved with the green living community there. We've had a standing date to go to the Cloisters (which I have never seen) for a couple years now so we'll finally do that. And we're going to a cool Samhain event at St. John the Divine as well.

Also my sweetie is coming with me to Boston for a couple days and we'll visit friends overnight in New Hampshire. I doubt these brief sojourns will satisfy any deep-seated wanderlust but it's something. I used to think of myself as someone who travelled fairly often. But since getting into a relationship and buying a house and getting a dog, it's harder to get away.

Does this mean I don't get to travel anymore?

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