Tuesday, October 9, 2007

the long weekend

The weather at Brushwood was unseasonably warm; during the wedding we stood around sweating and flushed and one poor guy actually passed out from the heat! (T. checked him out, it was not serious). October is a crapshoot for this kind of thing but we were lucky to have warm nights and sunny days, if a bit muggy and uncomfortable here and there. The ceremony was very moving and the celebration went all night long with drumming and music in the Roundhouse and plenty of wine from local wineries flowing...We missed Friday night's festivities which were apparently a good time as well, though I heard the women had much more fun than the men!

We only spent one night at our beloved Brushwood, as I had to stay at my Mom's house and give my siblings a bit of a break from lookig in on ger every weekend. It was also hot in Elmira, so we did not accomplish much. I pulled a few weeds and picked my white pumpkins and gourds to rbing home for some nice autumnal displays on our porch.

The Harlequin marigolds I planted there actually came out the way they are supposed to! With bold stripes of brown and yellow as pictured above. The ones I planted at home are mostly yellow with small spots of brown. But they are not as mature as the others yet so maybe they will develop more color.

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