Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Autumn/Samhain issue of Goblin Fruit now live!

Yup, that headline about sums it up.

In case you missed my previous post where I mentioned having a piece accepted, my poem "Transplendent We" has been published in the latest issue of this lovely online poetry zine, found here. The issue and art have a very satifyingly spooky focus, perfect for Samhain. I realize I forgot to include the sort of last (tag)line of my poem which reads "Leiden, Samhain, 2004" but perhaps it is not needed.

They have some wonderful artwork, this current issue's theme includes fantastical mushrooms. I plan to submit some more poetry to other zines in coming months so will post news of any publications here.

ETA: I blush to say my poem is quoted at the top of the Endicott Studio's entry on this issue. Here, have a look.

I should also say, I was wrong in my earlier post when I said I had not noticed audio files there previously. Actually, they ARE there, cleverly disguised with little graphic symbols. So look for them in the archived issues!

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