Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New York City...autumn?

This photo (from whidc.org) shows an aerial view of the Cloisters in the fall. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. I was just there, in late October, and the majority of the trees were still green. Normally I think the view would look more like this one.

This struck me as odd. We have loads of foliage color in the Albany area which is only two and a half hours north. I guess NYC did not get temperatures low enough to force the maples to change. This may mean they don't get any nice bright color this year, which is a shame.

In any case, the day we visited the Cloisters was very autumnal, chilly and sunny and windy! The night before, when people in costumes were roaming the streets, was quite warm and humid. It was nice the weather finally became seasonable. I will post some of my own photos when they are available.

Oh, and I hate digital cameras. They eat batteries like popcorn. Very environmentally-unfriendly. That is all.

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