Sunday, August 24, 2008

wedding pics!

Here we are with Burchard, the wonderful guy who delivers our firewood; he showed up just before the ceremony started.

Here we are during the ceremony:
Here we are in the grove after the ceremony. (If it had not rained all night we would have had the ceremony here; but it was a bit too muddy for folks in wheelchairs, etc.)

Here we are cutting our yummy cake!

MMMMM.....cake....and cupcakes!

Here we are at the reception with my new brother and sister-in-law.

More photos in this album on Photobucket. I am new to this so they are not all edited and resized or in any special order.

I will be uploading another set of them taken by our friend Roy soon.


Livia Indica said...

Congratulations! It looks like it was a great wedding.

Anonymous said...


May the God and Goddess bless you both with many years of happiness!

Cat said...

Be happy!!

Roberta Lipp said...

Peg, I found this through a comment (contest entry, specifically) you left on BoK. Congratulations! I had no idea. How beautiful and blessed.

Peg said...

thanks Deb! I know you are normally only at Brushwood for Starwood, so I'm sorry you missed it; you'd have been welcome.