Friday, August 29, 2008

New Moon, Farewell August

We're off to Brushwood Folklore Center this weekend, and with the clear skies in the forecast and the new moon fast approaching, it should be a perfect weekend for star gazing! The moon is in Leo, the sunniest sign of the zodiac, so it seems fitting that summer's last gasp is a loud lion's roar, giving way to Virgo, often represented as Demeter or Ceres, the goddess of grain, or Pomona, goddess of fruit and orchards. (The Pomona mask image is by artist Lauren Raine, a frequent visitor to Brushwood.)

We missed the Perseid Meteor Showers this year because it was so cloudy here. So a sky full of stars, all the brighter for no moonlight, will be a delightful way to say farewell to August. I love late summer; and unlike a lot of people I don't think summer "ends" when September arrives. Some of the nicest, warmest, sunniest weather of the summer occurs in September.

September is summer tinged with cold, and gold. It's summer packing its woolens for autumn, still clothed in its holiday linens. September is fragrant with the perfumes of harvest, awash in the lush Arcadian colors of meadows and forests, sun-dappled, dreaming of the bloom of frost on its lawns and leaves. September wants a jug of golden wine and a hearty loaf to sate its parched august heart.

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Luna said...

As a September-born Virgo I loved your post!Indeed, September is a lovely month . . . and often warm. It's going to be nearly 90 today in MA.