Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sustainable Farming Grants

The Garden Rant Blog (listed in my favorites) featured a link to these grant opportunities for sustainable farming initiatives all over the country. Go ahead: I dare ya to grow food and help your community!

I am going to look into what is involved in turning an empty urban lot into a public garden space...we have so many of them in Albany. Even better would be to turn it into a vegetable garden where people can grow and eat their produce, and maybe even sell it in local markets.

I spend half my days gardening or thinking about it. Mostly flowers. But having grown up in a family that grew much of our food, and having really enjoyed the fruits of my labor this past summer (mmmm, tomatoes, basil, parsley, dill), I know it is something I will try to do on a slightly larger scale from now on. Home-grown food is the future, people.


Alex Langstone said...

Hi Peg, you sent me a comment about a megalithic poem. If you send me the poem and your email I will forward it for you

Peg said...

hi Alex--thanks for contacting me; can you email me at amberapple at gmail dot com? I don;t have Outlook and can;t read your email address from your blog's link. Thanks!