Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bright Beltane Blessings!

Last night, May Eve, I drank May wine (pinot grigio with some sweet woodruff leaves added) and ate bread and cheese in my garden with two friends (I forgot to send out an invite until yesterday morning). We walked around the gardens and enjoyed the magical colorful twilight and oohed and aahed over other people's flowers. I saw a cool trash pick: a two-tiered wicker table. But when I returned to get it someone had snatched it already.

Today, I rose with the dawn (no alarm clock even!), washed my face in the dew (so I will be beautiful for the coming year, hee hee) and journeyed to Harvard Square to sing in the May with a bunch of other like-minded folks on a chilly but sunny morning. Shook hands with the formal-wear clad ballroom dance club folks who'd been up all night and formed their annual receiving line to wish "Merry May" to the Beltane revellers (who are mostly much older and NOT in tuxedos and gowns!), then went to breakfast at the S & S Deli (a yearly tradition).

A fun morning, and then an uneventful (and gloriously, greenly scenic) bus ride home. Cut a bouquet of tulips (weirdly, the first time I wrote this post I had written "roses") for my Mom (visiting her tomorrow) and this weekend we're off to Brushwood for another Beltane and to set up our campsite.

Hope your celebrations are bawdy and boisterous!

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Bo said...

Sounds just like what we did in Oxford! Happy Beltane!