Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Steampunk Dreams

Dances of Vice was interesting. I'd love to check out their monthly event some time. This past weekend's 2-day festival was held in two venues. I attended the second night, and the space was problematic. It was huge with a gallery floor/balcony above the main one...but the gallery areas were so small and crowded, with vendor's tables and people, that it was a constant mash of people squeezing past each other. Since half the point of the event is the fabulous costumes, these conditions made it hard to be able to appreciate everyone's finery.

Plus, it was almost impossible to see the musical performers. The stage was not raised, making it impossible to see them from the first floor level unless you were in front of everyone else, and there was a huge cloth banner hanging from the ceiling, which also made it impossible to see them from the second floor balcony (again, unless you were in front). Rasputina was awesome, however, and thank goodness the sound system was excellent.

I saw some lovely vintage ensembles: Victorian, flapper, fetish, goth, and the odd fashion phenom known as Steampunk (for which there was a costume prize category, along with Best Victorian Lady/Gentleman, Best Fantasy, and others). The main components seem to be WWI doughboy-style jumpsuits or jodphurs, flight goggles and helmets, and anything looking like it might have once been part of a flying machine. I am not familiar with the comics or other ephemera which have spawned this movement, but it seems to fit in with the other demimonde looks very well. Rosanna and I wore vintage chinoiserie! The only examples of it I saw there, which was nice, as it is obviously pertinent to the period theme as we got approving nods from our fellow party-goers...and she got some nice compliments on hers, since it was a striking black on white design that stood out amidst the sea of dark colors...

Todd had a silk Chinese dressing gown to wear but opted not to, wanting to be warm in the cold weather...he was not alone in not getting "dressed up" but he did not stand out like some did, in their sloppy jeans and comfy shoes. At least he wore black and leather!

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