Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Field of Clover

I finally saw this film over the weekend. It was surprisingly good. Normally I don't like horror films with big monsters but the nature of this beast was completely unexplained. The film had no interest in offering a reason for why it appeared, what it what, where it came from or why it was hell-bent on destroying New York City. I kind of liked that it was really just focused on a small group of people trying to survive.

One pretentious ass in front of us said loudly, just as the film ended and the opening credits began, "You've got to be kidding me!" Another kid on his way out of the theatre kept saying "I need closure!" But Todd and I thought it was great and that the ending was very satisfying. We wondered if the people complaining somehow missed the opening, where text on the screen makes it clear the video footage has been recovered from a location "formerly known as Central Park." I may have missed where some opening text actually said "Cloverfield" but I am guessing that is the current name for the area, after the apocalypse. Nice to know nature reclaimed the area after the decimation--it at least stayed green.

Great title.


Luna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I love your focus on apples -- I knew there were many varieties but I never knew there were soo many! Lately, I'm liking Braeburn and Fujis with peanut butter -- so good!
And of course, Macs are wonderful and always in season for my birthday!

Bo said...

It gave me violent motion sickness and I had to look away all the time!

Peg said...

luna--you are welcome, I love your blog! I also have a birthday during apple season! There are some farms providing antique varieties of apples, check them out at their website...

Bo--oh no! I know a few people who cannot do the handheld camera thing in the theatre...I am glad I got used to it quickly. Maybe you were sitting too close?