Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pomona, thy bounty recedes...

Apples end.

I just got a bag of Macouns from a farm store (wth orchard attached) in New Hampshire but I know this is the last of them. They have not been picked fresh in weeks now and cold storage only lasts so long. We got a cold snap the last couple weeks, after what seemed like a freakishly long spell of warmth which hinted at endless harvest.

So the apples are in the fridge and I hope to get some more at the farmer's market in Boston next week and the week after and hoard them. The later varieties might still be on the trees and freshly picked if they;re not freezing. At least the Mutsus and Fujis and some other late varieties will be fresher than the fragile mid-season Macouns.


November is frosty and golden and hauntingly beautiful The colors are just past peak now, a phenomenon which usually has occurred a month earlier. I have been enjoying it immensely, here and in Boston and on the journeys in between. Today I am heading to western NY to visit my Mom. Looking forward to seeing the landscape on the journey, which will be by bus through Syracuse, Cortalnd and Ithaca. Our digital camera got broken but will still take pics (the screen is scratched) so I will try to capture some images.

The garden is a story unto itself, and I'll report on it soon.

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