Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cider, Cider, Cider

My fellow apple loving pal Rosanna shared this with me, from Mother Jones: resources for learning to make your own hard cider!

It's not easy and is a skill that seems to need some time to hone, but what could be more satisfying than making your own? You could also try making apple wine, which is delicious and somewhat easier. But be sure you get cider that has no preservatives added! Also it's best to get cider that has not been pasteurized, which some farm stands that press their own can make available. I have friends who made their own apple wine from apples, without a cider press, which tasted amazing.

This article offers recipes for using apple cider in marinades for meat: yum!

And here's another recent piece on the Hudson Valley Apple Project, an organization seeking to make hard cider more popular.