Friday, September 16, 2011

Find the Cider!

My friend Rosanna, a fellow lover of orchards and all things appley, found this terrific website: Hudson Valley Cider Route. The site provides a guide to places to buy cider, and the site includes information on orchards who produce and sell sweet and hard cider. The interactive map lets you find an orchard or farm stand near you.

The website was created by the wonderful folks behind The Apple Project, which promotes heirloom apple growing in New York state. There are many, many working orchards in New York, and the Hudson Valley in particular is rich with them. I know an orchard not far from me in Castleton-on-Hudson even has an event with a contest for the best home-brewed hard cider! It doesn't get better than this for those of us trying to keep old foodways alive and celebrate and promote the preservation and revitalization of orchards. So when you're seeking some autumnal pleasure, be sure to include a jaunt or two in search of delicious cider!