Monday, June 14, 2010

Heirloom Apples Planted!

So sorry to have neglected this blog for so long! We moved house in early May and it's been busy to say the least. But here is an update on those heirloom apple trees...
We planted the White Pearmain soon after we moved into our new house. Alas we could not plant it in the front yard because of the water line. But I found a sunny spot in the side yard.

The Smokehouse is now planted right near our new campsite with the orange trailer at Brushwood. Being a semi-dwarf tree it should fit well into that spot. With any luck it should start bearing fruit in 3 years or so.

Recently spoke with a guy in our old neighborhood who planted a few heirloom trees; he bought and lives in an old church and the lot is very big. One of the trees he planted is called "Bullock" which is my grandmothers maiden name! He ordered from the St. Lawrence Nurseries which is owned by my friend Nova's family (she goes to Brushwood every summer and her family have been going for years). I plan to order our next tree from them. They don't have alot of dwarf trees but I bet a standard would be fine. I'd also like to get some berry bushes from them.

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