Sunday, February 8, 2009

CSI: Bio-diesel and tree-huggers named "Silver"

This week's forthcoming new episode of CSI (entitled "Deep Fried and Minty Fresh") features shenanigans at a fast food restaurant that includes theft of large drums of cooking oil. Cue the investigation of a local bio-diesel co-operative, where a loopy tree-hugger who calls herself "Silver" works. The video preview can be found online here.

So...we've seen plenty of pagans portrayed in ridiculous ways on prime time TV; it appears now they're going after environmental activists, too. Watch for Silver to say we all need to care for Mother Earth. Amen, sister! But do you have to act so flakey when you say it? And why is she called "Silver"? Is this meant to be a wee slight against neo-paganism's most famous author of that name, Silver Ravenwolf?

No wonder global warming is simultaneously melting and freezing the planet (it does both, you know; climate change is about intensification of weather patterns, not just overall warming). People seeing these sorts of portrayals are very likely going to become convinced that giving a crap about Planet Earth is for geeks and weirdos.

ETA: The bio-diesel angle was interesting. A couple of "hippies" (why do people call modern-day environmentalists by this quaint archaic name, I wonder?) steal barrels of leftover cooking oil from restaurants, process it into bio-diesel and then return the containers. But one of the barrels turns out to contain a dead body. (well, that's recycling too, kind of) It might have been interesting to explore these characters further, especially since they were prominently featured in the preview. But the show basically treated them as fringe types who literally live on the edge of the "normal" community.


Robin Emeraldfox said...

Well, from what I see over here in the Adirondack region, people ALREADY think giving a crap about the planet is for geeks and weirdos. It's been a common sentiment I've encountered a lot in my young life.

Peg said...

I don't get it! I mean, can't people see that our actions do actually affect the planet? And that we can make choices to leave it in better shape for future generations?

It's so frustrating to witness how little so many people care, and how destructive people can be.

DerApparat said...

Since when do you have to steal leftover cooking grease? Most restaurants will give it away because it saves them disposal costs.