Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blessings of Yuletide

This lovely artwork depicts Rozhanitza, an Eastern Russian goddess of winter, often depicted in embroideries with stag horns, and she is standing with her daughter, a goddess who is sometimes human and sometimes a deer. Her feast day is December 26th, and is often celebrated by the baking and giving (and, presumably, eating) of iced reindeer cookies.

And here is the Holly King, who probably needs no introduction...he and twin brother the Oak King, British vegetation gods equivalent to the Green Man, battle at the winter and summer solstices for the right to rule that half of the year. Traditionally, the Holly King wins at Yule and reigns until summer...or is it the other way round? (I have seen it written both ways)

These images were found here and there are some more great solstice images by this artist, with prints available for reasonable prices. I think this art would make a great tarot deck, maybe with seasons representing the four elemental suits. Yes?

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