Thursday, September 6, 2007

to the BBC!

I am submitting a script to the Writersroom Project at the BBC; it is a pilot for a TV series on witches in London. I worked on the first episode quite a bit and have plotted out several follow-up episodes. I need to get the rest of the submission together and might tweak the script itself a bit more...but it has been through several drafts so I am hoping they see some potential in it...

Wish me luck!


Bo said...

How odd! I've been thinking and planning a novel about the pagan community for years, along the lines of Notes on a Scandal crossed with Harold and Maude. (Devious, manipulative and mentally disturbed but lonely and charismatic spinster and teenage boy strike up unlikely friendship which spirals into mutual disaster.)

Good luck!

Peg said...

Good gods, that sounds wonderful! Do it. You have such a wicked sense of humor from what I have seen...I loved Notes on a Sandal, and Harold and Maude is an unimitable classic.

I also have a novel in progress on pagans but it has shape-shifted a number of times and makes me think it really wants to be two or three different books. Sigh...being a Libran writer is a challenge.